What is OTC Cryptocurrency Trading and Its Benefit

OTC Cryptocurrency Trading

A crypto trader who wants to purchase a significant amount of cryptocurrency, then purchase coins through a traditional exchange exposes you to several problems. Not only slippage increase your trade cost, but also you need to trade with the risks of hacking that come with trading on an ordinary exchange.

OTC trading is a service available for the high-volume traders, meaning it is only available to specific individuals or groups.

There is an increasing number of OTC cryptocurrency trading brokers and platforms with public profiles, along with the plenty of evidence to suggest the presence of large-scale trades.

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OTC Cryptocurrency TradingSeveral Reasons of Using OTC Cryptocurrency Trading

1. Better Prices

Traditional cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy, and there may not always be sufficient liquidity available on exchanges process of the large trades.

As a result, placing a substantial trade through a traditional exchange could move the price of a cryptocurrency in a hostile way before your trade could be completed this is known as slippage.

Instead of being filled for a single price, large orders can end up being spread over a smaller order, with the cost of each order often increasing. OTC Cryptocurrency trading allows traders to access one price for a single buy order.

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2. Avoid Low Trading Limits

Many traditional exchange place a limit on the maximum amount a user can trade per day and the amount that can be withdrawn in 24 hour time period from an account.

These limits can be based on factors such as the level of account verification completed, the transaction techniques used and how long a user has been trading. In many cases, they may be insufficient to meet the requirements of large-scale traders.

3. Quicker Trading Times

Depending on the available liquidity of large trades can take days to be completed on a traditional exchange. Using OTC cryptocurrency trading can guarantee faster processing times.

4. Trusted Broker

Numerous cases of traditional cryptocurrency exchanges being targeted by and all too frequently falling victim to, hacking attacks. Placing OTC trades through a trusted broker help you to avoid the trading risk problems.

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Benefits of OTC Cryptocurrency Trading

  1. OTC is designed for large-scale trades either for high net worth individuals or institutional traders.
  2. Allows you to deal with a trusted broker.
  3. Allows you to avoid slippage which may result in the better price.
  4. Avoid hacking risks linked with trading cryptocurrency exchanges.
  5. Often offers a faster settlement of large trades and faster access to funds than the exchange-based transactions.

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